Nettle Herbal Tea: Advantages and Uses

Published: 06th November 2009
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Nettle herbal tea can be used for the treatment of many different illnesses. Throughout history, the herb was used to get rid of diarrhea and to improve kidney function. More modernly, nettle herbal tea is used for treating these problems and even more. Very recently, a few of these nettle herbal tea benefits have even been proven by laboratory tests, although the greater part of its uses are obtained from anecdotal evidence.

Other purposes of nettle herbal tea may include treating colds and flu, gout, and hay fever. Nettle leaf tea may be consumed indefinitely to treat any of these problems and side effects are practically devoid. Stinging nettle tea is also valuable for use in poultices and is believed to staunch the flow of blood instantly.

The tea can be used externally for soaking injuries. When taken internally, it improves the whole body and provides a surge of energy. This is thanks to nettle tea's large amounts of vitamins ans minerals, and the tea is unchallenged at introducing these vitamins and minerals to the body when taken in tea form.

Try making nettle tea by steeping 2-3 tsp. of dried herbs in 1 cup of very hot water. Steep for about 15 minutes, pour through a fine-mesh strainer and sweeten. You can also find nettle tea bags or even use fresh nettle leaves to make your stinging nettle tea. Making tea with fresh nettle leaves, however, takes more work and should only be done if you're familiar with nettle. Nettle is famous for irritating the skin.

Nettle leaves are covered in minuscule hairs that can cause extreme irritation, also known as nettle sting, when touched. Using dried leaves is harmless, although the herb's healing power won't be as robust. Any way you use it, however, nettle tea will promote your health regardless of your current shape.

Create a nettle leaf hair treatment by combining 8 ounces of stinging nettle tea and one half-cup of cider vinegar. Rinse your hair after each time you wash to get rid of dandruff and itchy, flaky scalp. Stinging nettle tea is a superior natural cure and will promote the healthful condition of the body.

Always make sure to consult a qualified physician before taking nettle to make sure it is safe for you. Do not take nettle tea while taking prescription drugs, as drug reactions could occur, particularly with blood-pressure drugs. Stinging nettle tea is a mild diuretic and can lower the blood-pressure to dangerous levels. Also avoid taking nettle tea if you're on blood thinning medications or MAOI inhibitors.

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